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I founded Shade Sirch because I’m a woman who loves all things natural in beauty products and cosmetics. This journey started a few years ago when I became vegan and it was difficult to discover vegan beauty brands that had good affordable, quality products and catered to all women.  As a black woman it was so hard to find vegan brands that catered to me as well as all my friends who were from all around the world and of different races.

This made me go on a deep search for brands that had a diverse range and were also vegan and ethical. The more I found brands, the more I used them and the more my skin and make up began to improve and I started to get so many questions about it all! I started giving out tips to my friends and family and then giving out vegan beauty boxes as gifts to educate my friends on how they too could use vegan and cruelty free brands that worked!

This sparked a deep desire to support these brands and educate women on the importance of knowing what they used on their skin.  At that time, it was extremely difficult to find these brands that actually had amazing products but the process of studying, researching and discovering new brands and trying out their products was electrifying and exciting to me.

As I dove into veganism, I discovered more about ingredients, packaging and the impact it has on human beings, animals and the environment and became more conscious of the fact that I could look good and do good for our beautiful planet earth and other creatures.

As a vegan I understand the importance of knowing what you put on and in your body. So Shade Sirch also started with the inspiration to share the vast range of natural, vegan friendly products that are made for all women…. young and old alike.

So, I want to share all my research with you , so you too can enter the world of discovering a variety of vegan and ethical brands by inspiring brands with quality products that will change your whole life because I assure you, the more you cleanse your skin and body of toxicity, the more enriched and alive you will feel and you’ll begin to see other parts of your life take a pure form.


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We realize that many people are fearful of some beauty products and there is the need for a more health conscious inclusive beauty industry -that is our focus at Shade Sirch Apart from our desire is to support amazing Minority Owned Beauty Businesses from Black, Asian and Mixed Etnicities Communities; we at Shade Sirch believe that everybody deserves to know the ingredients in the products used . This includes the assurance that they are non-toxic and specially made to take care of you skin ., body and mind. That is why the products from the brands in our boxes are all cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. You may be frustrated in finding brands that actually do what they say at a good price and that are good for you, the environment and humanity; but we are here to let you know that your SIRCH is over with SHADE SIRCH. You can trust that every month, you will get great quality products from great brands.