SAKAHARI LAXMIE- Bath Bomb (100g)

Inspired by the Hindu goddess Laxmie. She was born from the churning of the sea and is portrayed in many ancient Indian paintings sitting, on a lotus flower. Laxmie is a pillar for women all over the world, depicting strength, wisdom, good fortune and spirituality. The bath bomb contains a lotus flower made of cocoa butter, that melts in your bath revealing a lotus seed, which can be potted and grown. Lotus, jasmine and sandalwood are used in many temples across India for worship. These essential oils help the skin look radiant and also give the mind focus and clarity.

Brand Information:We at Sakahari are strongly against testing on animals or using any products that have been derived from animals. Our soaps are 100% vegetable based, containing biodegradable ingredients, with no damaging ingredients protecting your skin and the environment. We use the highest quality of ingredients and try to use Organic ingredients where possible.